Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee’s Post-Treatment: The Emotional Aftermath Group is for men and women of all ages who have completed active cancer treatment within the last three years. It exists to provide a safe space for those in survivorship to explore emotions that may not have been addressed sufficiently during the treatment stage of cancer – a loving and supportive place to “unpack” the grief, fears, hopes, losses, celebrations, relationship changes, financial and work concerns, intimacy and body image challenges, and other things that can arise post-treatment.

• There are typically 10+ people in this group.

• This group is facilitated by Maureen Sanger, PhD, a psychologist with Tennessee Oncology.

• All Gilda’s Club groups are facilitated by mental health clinicians or medical providers.

To learn more, email us at or visit our online Program Calendar.

Please Note...

• Always check our Program Calendar to confirm meeting dates and times.

• RSVP 48 hours in advance is required.

• Cancel if you can’t attend.

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