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Noogie Nugget: Summer Fun in Noogieland!

Camp Noogie Summer 2017

What do music making, cookie baking, slime squishing, bubble blowing, stretching, laughing, running, playing, painting and doctoring all have in common? Naturally, they are the components of Camp Noogie 2017!  For four days in July, children ages 5-12 gathered to connect through child-centered play to learn about cancer, connect with others impacted by the diagnosis, express emotions, make memories and have fun without the use of electronic devices!  

One the many attributes that our group shared this year was the fact that we all are loved ones of those who currently have or have had the cancer diagnosis.  To show our support, we created a visual masterpiece including the various cancer awareness colors associated with different diagnoses impacting our families.  We individually painted a color representing a specific diagnosis, then collectively launched water balloons onto the canvases to represent the spreading of support.  As you might imagine, this creation was about the process as much as it was the product!  


We are always grateful to our community partners who help to keep the energy of Camp Noogie flowing smoothly!  This year we want to thank:

😊Kona Ice for bringing the cool factor to Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee.  You broke the heat with your sweet treat!

😊Ms. Kendall from Belmont University for offering her time, instruments, talents and ingenuity to our campers and counselors!  We had a musical blast!

😊 Chef Rae and Chef Jeremy for guiding the children through a creative culinary experience. What a great way to play with our food!   

😊 Ms. Barbara for her “bubbly” personality and clever artistry.  You wrapped us with your genius!   

😊Ms. Natalie and Ms. Lindsey from Small World Yoga for their flexibility and yogi buoyancy.  Namaste!                                                              

As a 9-year-old camper expressed, “At camp, I’ve learned that it is more important to be with new friends and family than to be alone.”  We at Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee could not agree more!



As always, we love hearing your thoughts and feelings on NoogieNews! Please contact or call 615.329.1124 to share your insights or to learn more about our Noogieland Program.

With love from Noogieland! xo

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