Thank you for your interest in our Volunteer Program at Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee. As part of our volunteer network you will have the opportunity to become involved in various aspects of Gilda’s Club.

After receiving your completed application, we will send you information about attending a New Member Meeting, which is our general orientation for all new volunteers and members.

Volunteer Application


Clinical Volunteers

Licensed social workers, mental health counselors, oncology nurses or marriage and family therapists who volunteer their time facilitating networking groups and/or conducting Customized Membership Plans, the hour long one-to-one interview in which members create a plan for their membership.

Workshop Volunteers

Volunteers who have an area of expertise that might be shared with Gilda’s Club members in a workshop, lecture, class or activity. For example, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, journal writing, self-hypnosis for stress, nutrition, creativity & humor, insurance issues, and how to talk to your doctor. All of our workshops are self-skill oriented so that members learn the tools to help themselves. No soliciting or sales of any kind is allowed.

Noogieland Volunteers

Provide childcare or assistance during activities for children and teens.  (A background check is required for volunteers working with children in Noogieland).

Clerical Volunteers

We schedule volunteers once a month to assist with our calendar mailing.  In addition, we occasionally call on these volunteers to staff the front desk- answering the phone and welcoming members as they come in.

Community Outreach Volunteers

Volunteers who can participate in community outreach activities such as health fairs , speaking to groups on behalf of Gilda’s Club, and/or helping Gilda’s Club spread their social media message.

Professional Services Volunteers

Individuals who volunteer their professional services to Gilda’s Club. We are currently looking for assistance with printing services.

Hospitality Volunteers

Our Clubhouse is cozy and homelike and we think offering our members a snack makes it even more comfortable! These volunteers bring individually wrapped home-baked treats, healthy pre-packaged snacks, fruits, and veggies, as well as water, tea, and coffee.

Handy Person

Can you do minor repairs?  Then we need your help with the general upkeep of our Clubhouse.